Does the Media Still Exist?

I should apologize, I’ve been a tad quiet on here as late. Although in my defence part of my tardiness is down to a new job I started, one I’m quite enjoying, at The Nubian Times; a local Manchester based newspaper.

I’m now a staff writer/digital media editor there. That’s me below being all journalisty.

The cool thing about the role is I’m a media nut, fascinated by it in fact. And with, I think, good reason. The media is an industry whose content is proliferating at a rate of knots, and whose lines, it seems, are being blurred and redrawn on an almost hourly basis – I mean, think about it, what exactly is The Media these days?

We mostly keep up with goings on via Twitter or Facebook. It’s through them I’ve learned of the passing of four geniuses this year alone (and what’s with that anyway? David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, Prince; I mean give us a break already 2016).

Meanwhile the more familiar mainstream outlets are becoming no more than mop up crews for news that’s breaking on social media way before it can reach the lips of the smartly coiffed newsdesk anchor with his flawless dental care.

Which makes the media, today, a diffuse and nebulous beast, hard to define, treading a faultline of change we’re yet to fully understand.

And so for an industry the late great theorist, Stuart Hall, once referred to as being:

The way power is mediated in societies like ours

it’s truly a fascinating time; and one I look forward to observing from the inside. Wish me luck.


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