The Perks of Peeking…

I love to have a camera in my hands, whether for photography purposes or videography – I enjoy both; and, by now, have been fortunate enough to have the chance to photograph and film all kinds of things – news, interviews, live events, promotional vox pops, performance poetry, even grime freestyles etc.

But.. Something I’ve had an interest in for a little while that I’m yet to find the opportunity to do is film a music video.

Which is why I was pretty happy about being invited onto the set of the shoot for Blvck Diamond‘s new single Money Talks. The video was being put together by none other than (the impressively prolific) Link Up TV, one of the standout platforms for urban music in this country, which meant that yours truly would have the perfect chance to see how some of the best at this whole music video thing operate.

I’m hoping I’ll get to apply some of what I learned in the not too distant future. Until then you can check out the brief behind-the-scenes piece of the shoot I put together for Mic Check TV below.


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