Smelling the Roses

Now I suppose you could say I am sitting here for a number of reasons. For instance I’m sitting here because a car accident some years ago pushed my insurance premiums to such extortionate levels that to have kept the car anyway and paid them would’ve seemed somehow immoral. And so I didn’t, I got… Continue reading Smelling the Roses

Love Your Streets

Uncommonly sunny weather today so thought I’d share some brief snaps I took in and around my beloved hometown of Manchester (and Salford) in north-west England. Starting with the unusual emblem you see above. It’s the Worker Bee. Since the Industrial Revolution it has become one of the city’s most enduring emblems; created to commemorate… Continue reading Love Your Streets

Why is Good News No News?

So here’s the thing. Charlie Beckett is a former news editor with more than 20 years’ experience of international journalism. He’s worked in established mainstream outlets including the BBC and ITN’s Channel 4 News. He is also a professor at the London School of Economics and the founding director of POLIS; a think-tank for researching the… Continue reading Why is Good News No News?

Why You Need to Join the Society of Authors Pronto

So I recently registered to join the Society of Authors and today received my information pack, replete with stylish journal, pamphlets and helpful bits of info on all things authorly, including;- How to register with the ALCS (Author’s Licensing and Collecting Society), who by the looks of it are a ridiculously useful organisation to sign… Continue reading Why You Need to Join the Society of Authors Pronto

The Good, the Great & the Ugly: The Top 10 Films of 2014

Films, eh – two hours of sitting still with strangers, often in dark eerie spaces, locked in silence by the shared commitment to stare at eighty square feet of lit canvas. Seems we’ve come a long way from tales told around the campfire. Still, what remains the same is how those tales can be good,… Continue reading The Good, the Great & the Ugly: The Top 10 Films of 2014