The Devil is in the Distractions

“ — you know, I’ve either had a family, a job, something has always been in the way” Charles Bukowski wrote these words at the opening to his poem, Air and Light and Space and Time more than twenty years ago. And it’s a fun poem - dry, caustic, chatty; typical Bukowski really, taking irreverent aim at… Continue reading The Devil is in the Distractions

What An Evening With Yaa Gyasi Taught Me About Inspiration

I first came across the incredible stillness and power of Yaa Gyasi's writing early last year when reading a short story penned by the Ghanaian-born author in Guernica Magazine. Inscape, narrated from a daughter's perspective, told the tale of a woman and her Ghanaian mother, weaving between themes of religion, culture and mental illness with… Continue reading What An Evening With Yaa Gyasi Taught Me About Inspiration

Anatomy of a Self Portrait

So, in the lead up to Christmas I stumbled upon a drawing set someone had given me the previous year; a neat shallow tin of sketching pencils which, I thought, was a pretty cool gift, the kind of nostalgia-laden offering that had conjured up notions of taking stock and adjusting my lifestyle, i.e., I used… Continue reading Anatomy of a Self Portrait